We can fix that!
We can fix that!


StoryBits are a unique tool for teaching and learning foreign languages. Each set contains 54 colourful picture cards featuring eight relatable characters in everyday situations. You can use them to boost storytelling activities, spark discussions and prompt written assignments. They will also prove invaluable when introducing new vocabulary or practising grammar.

Picture cards for any language lesson


DIYdice are an amazing tool that you can use in a number of different ways. Each set includes twelve 20mm cubes and one 30mm cube, which you can use to create your own unique teaching aids. If you don’t feel like designing content on your own, you can always use a set of preprepared stickers available at Teacher’s Corner!

Dice as you want them


Memome are a series of memory games. Each set contains 30 large durable cards, finished with rounded corners, and is enclosed in a tight-fitting papeboard box. The appealing colourful pictures illustrate pairs of corresponding words, and have been designed to help learners to both memorise vocabulary and master grammar rules.

Play, memorize and learn

Teacher's Gadget

Colourful prints, witty slogans, and durable textiles… Our Teacher’s Gadgets will become your favourite accessories both at work, and on holidays.

Gadgdets for the coolest teachers

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