Teacher's Corner was created for teachers by teachers

We are a group of devoted tutors and educationalists who are passionate about their work. Rich in experience, insight and ideas, we started creating our own language teaching tools, and soon discovered that they were becoming more and more popular with other teachers. We could not help but invest in larger print runs and start selling them locally. This is how our online store started.

Initially, we only intended to sell our games in Poland. But over the first two years of running the store, we received so many queries from all around the world, that we decided to make our products available also to the teachers in other countries.

All the teaching tools we create are not only visually appealing, but also very practical and effective. Games and materials offered in our store have been tested by a team of experienced language teachers, and make up a selection of valuable tools that will help you enrich lessons for students of all ages.

With our minds being set towards development, we will be more than pleased to hear from you. Do you have any questions concerning our games? Would you like to share your experience? Make sure to contact us!